Am I permitted to have a firearm if I am convicted of a delivery or possession with intent to deliver?

Pennsylvania Drug Delivery Defense Lawyer

No, you are not allowed to have a firearm if you have been convicted of delivery or possession with intent to deliver in Pennsylvania. Section 6105 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code expressly prohibits a person convicted of a charge under the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act that have a maximum sentence exceeding two years from possessing, using, manufacturing, controlling, selling, or transferring firearms. The prohibition is a lifetime prohibition. The only way to eliminate the lifetime prohibition is to have the conviction set aside by the government via a pardon.

Serious Consequences for members of the Military

Many Penn State students are members of ROTC, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and a conviction of drug delivery or possession with intent to deliver can end your Military career.

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