Does a conviction of delivery or possession with intent prohibit gun possession or purchases?

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NO. A felony conviction triggers a lifetime prohibition from possession or attempted purchase of a firearm under both Federal and state law.  Lifetime means that the prohibition does not go away with time.  Some people read online that felony convictions disappear from Pennsylvania records after a few years.  That is not true.  Felony convictions in Pennsylvania stay on the records forever.  In order to restore gun rights, the person must get rid of the conviction.  The only way to get rid of the convcition is through the Pennsylvania pardon process.  Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a very severe felony offense, and a prosecutor often seeks a sentence of jail time.

The pardon process is often long, taking approxmately three years from submission of the application to the board until the pardon request is recommended for signature to the governor.  The process is also expensive becuase the submission of a well-written application along with supportive documents takes time.  The better the application that is submitted, the more likely it is that the pardon request is granted.

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