How can I be charged with possession of drugs or paraphernalia when I was not present at my apartment when the search warrant was executed and the items were discovered?

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Police officers routinely search residences and apartments for drugs and paraphernalia when few or any residents are present after securing search warrants. If drugs, paraphernalia, or other contraband is found, the police often charge some or all of the residents with possession. A common situation occurs when State College or Penn State police search a dorm room or apartment and find drugs or paraphernalia. If the contraband is found in a bedroom or on one roommate’s side of the room, then the police look for evidence as to identity of the occupant of the room or side of the room and will likely charge that individual.

Charges do not always mean the DA has a good case

While the police are able to file charges in this hypothetical situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the police and prosecuting attorney have a strong case. In this scenario, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney review the case and explain possible defense strategies.

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