Can I negotiate with PennDOT to reduce the civil suspension or obtain a limited license to drive to and from work or school?

Mandatory, Non-negotiable Suspension of License

When a person refuses chemical testing, the investigating officer sends a form to PennDOT, and PennDOT is required by law to impose a suspension of Pennsylvania driving privileges. When a person is charged with criminal offenses, there are times in which plea agreements can be reached to reduce the severity of DUI charges and thereby reduce license suspensions. The administrative suspension imposed by PennDOT is completely different as PennDOT does NOT negotiate or reduce license suspensions.

When PennDOT receives the chemical testing refusal form, they simply mail a letter to the driver advising of the suspension length. You cannot call PennDOT and plead for a reduction based upon your need for a license, such as work, children, or school. The only way to avoid the administrative suspension for chemical test refusal is to file an appeal and win the appeal.