Can I obtain a limited license to drive to work, school, or to pick up my children?

A person that refuses a blood or breath test in a DUI case is often facing two suspensions, one for the refusal AND a second for the DUI charges.  Many people want to obtain a limited license or “bread and butter” license that allows the person to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments, and possibly to transport or pickup their children.  There is no such thing as a “bread and butter” license, and an Occupational Limited License (OLL) is no longer issued in this type of case.

Ignition Interlock Limited License Eligiblity

However, a person may be eligible to obtain an Ignition Interlock Limited License (IILL).  The “limited” portion of the license restricts the person’s ability to drive a vehicle that is equipped with an interlock device, what many people call a “blow and go.”  The interlock device requires a person to blow into a device to confirm that the person is not under the influence of alcohol before the vehicle will start.  The person has NO limitations with regard to where and when he or she drives.  The only limitation is that the person can only drive a vehicle that is equipped with an interlock device.  In order to obtain an IILL, the person must submit an application to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), and the application can be accessed here.

Too many people drive while serving a DUI-related suspension and just hope that they are not caught.  They do not realize that a conviction of Driving Under Suspension DUI-related will result in a mandatory sentence of AT LEAST 60 days in jail, 500.00 fine, and the suspension is extended for at least another 12 months and possibly more.  It is NOT worth the risk.