How can I be charged with DUI when I was riding a bike and not driving a vehicle?

The Pennsylvania DUI law applies to people operating a “vehicle” on roadways or trafficways.  “Vehicle” is defined at 75 Pa.C.S. 102 as a “device upon which any person may be transported.”  So there is no requirement that the it is a motor vehicle.  A motorless vehicle like a bike or skateboard can actually lead to DUI charges.  which would include a bike.  It can be argued that a Segway would be considered a “vehicle” and thereby subject to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Because the alternative transportation devices used by people are likely to be considered vehicles, it is very important that people follow any and all traffic laws. If the person does not commit a violation of the traffic laws, then the police would not have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop the operator.

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