I was arrested last night for a suspected DUI, submitted to a blood test after being taken to the hospital, but the officer released me without filing any charges or giving me any paperwork. Am I going to be charged with DUI?

Being Released with No Charges

Most Centre County DUI cases and DUI cases across Pennsylvania occur in the above referenced manner. Whether or not the DUI suspect will be charged with DUI charges is often dependent upon the results of the blood alcohol test. If the DUI suspect’s blood alcohol concentration is above the legal limit, then it is highly likely that DUI charges will be filed. Generally, since DUI charges in Pennsylvania are misdemeanor offenses, the charges are filed with a Magisterial District Judge and then issued by a Writ of Summons. This simply means that the charges and scheduling notices for future hearings are issued through the mail. In Centre County DUI cases, charges are often filed approximately two to four weeks after the DUI arrest, and the first hearing, called a preliminary hearing, is often scheduled to take place approximately three to four weeks after the charges are filed. If the DUI is based upon drugs as opposed to alcohol, then it often takes longer for the police to obtain the test results; therefore, DUI cases involving drugs will take longer for the police to file the charges.

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