Do the penalties for misdemeanor possession vary based on the drug?

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In Pennsylvania, the normal charge for possession of a drug for personal use is ungraded misdemeanor under 35 P.S. 780-113(a)(16).  The law covers possession of any drug except for small amounts of marijuana.  If a person possesses less than 30 grams of marijuana for personal use, there is a special charge under 35 P.S. 780-113(a)(31) that is slightly less severe.  Under subsection (a)(16), the ungraded misdemeanor offense carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $5,000.00 fine.  If the person has prior drug-related conviction, the maximum sentence increases to three years in jail and a $25,000.00 fine.  The recommended minimum sentence set forth in Pennsylvania’s sentencing guidelines for the (a)(16) charge is also the same for every type of drug.  This does NOT mean that a sentencing judge may not impose a more severe sentence for possession of a more severe drug, like heroin, and a less severe sentence for marijuana.  Many prosecutors will seek and many judges will impose a more severe sentence for a more severe drug.  Pennsylvania no longer suspends licenses for drug possession charges.

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