Am I eligible to receive a limited or bread and butter license that would allow me to drive to school or work?

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A Pennsylvania resident that has a Pennsylvania driver’s license is eligible to receive an Occupational Limited License (OLL) for a first offense of Underage Drinking. Non-residents of Pennsylvania are not eligible to receive an OLL or a limited restoration of driving privileges. The OLL allows a person to drive to and from work, treatment, or study obligations. In order to receive an OLL, an application and related fees must be sent to PennDOT, by certified mail. The application must explain the need for operating a motor vehicle and must identify the specific vehicle that the applicant seeks to operate. The application, known as a DL-15 can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s website at

First-time offenders are eligible for Occupational Limited License (OLL)

Only first-time offenders of Underage Drinking are eligible to receive an OLL. In many situations, it is the second- and third-time offenders that truly need the OLL to allow the person to complete internships or obtain employment after graduation. Regretfully, many people simply plead guilty to a first offense, endure the first license suspension, and simply hope that they do not get caught again. When they get caught a second or third time, then they wish that they had hired an attorney to try and avoid the license suspension on the first offense of Underage Drinking so that they current penalties would not be as severe.

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