Should I expunge an Underage Drinking conviction?

Why Bother Having an Underage Drinking Conviction Expunged

In Pennsylvania, Underage Drinking is only a summary offense, so NOT a misdemeanor or felony, which means that the conviction often is not viewed in a very negative light by most employers.  While the Underage Drinking charge is only a summary offense, it is included in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, and therefore many employers would consider the charge to be a “criminal offense.” Therefore, if an employment application required a person to report all prior convictions for “any criminal offense,” the applicant should report a conviction of Underage Drinking.  Many employment applications expressly state that a person does not need to report a conviction if the conviction has been expunged.  Therefore, by getting the Underage Drinking conviction expunged, the person would not need report an expunged conviction.  Clearly, having no record and not needing to report a prior record is better than having a record, even a small or relatively minor one.  An expungement will allow a person to have Underage Drinking case information removed from both the criminal records and driving records  Regrettably, many attorneys tell people that you cannot have an Underage Drinking suspension expunged from a Pennsylvania driving record, but said attorneys are just wrong.  There are few things that can be expunged from a driving record, but an Underage Drinking suspension is one of the limited exceptions that can be removed.

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