Case Results and Success Stories

Results and Track Record of Success

Do you want to hire a winner or a loser?  Obviously, you want a winner. State College criminal defense attorney Jason S. Dunkle has a proven track record of success since becoming a lawyer in 2004. He has represented clients in felony cases, like Drug Delivery, Rape, and Aggravated Assault; misdemenors offenses like Mariuana Possession, Furnishing Alcohol to Minors, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Simple Assault; and summary offenses like Underage Drinking, Possession of a Fake ID, and Public Drunkenness.  Attorney Dunkle has represented clients through all phases of the criminal process, from pre-charge, trials, appeals and post-conviction filings.

Below are a sampling of cases that were successfully resolved by Attorney Dunkle.  It must be emphasized that every case is different, so success in one case does NOT guarantee a win in another.  Every case must be reviewed on its own facts.

Pennsylvania Appellate Attorney

Trial Attorney Experience

Pre-trial Attorney Experience – Suppression

Pre-Trial Attorney Experience – Sufficiency of Evidence Dismissal

Preliminary Hearing Attorney Successes

Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) Attorney

Pennsylvania Pardon Attorney

Centre County Expungement Attorney

State College Underage Drinking Case Results