Blair County Drug Case

Expungement of Dismissed Drug Charges

Client, a Penn State Altoona student, was charged with Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Blair County. Another attorney reached an agreement that required Client to plead guilty to a summary offense of Disorderly Conduct and the misdemeanor drug offenses would be withdrawn, and Client accepted that agreemetn.  Regrettably, the attorney did not also negotiate that the district attorney would permit the misdemeanor charges to be expunged to have them removed from the records.
Client retained experienced State College expungement lawyer Jason S. Dunkle to expunge the dismissed misdemeanor offenses.  Attorney Dunkle filed the expungement paperwork, but the district attorney filed an objection to the expungement.  Attorney Dunkle appeared before a Blair County judge to advocate for Client’s expungement request because of weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and because the entire misdemeanor case had been withdrawn.  The judge agreed with Attorney Dunkle’s argument and issued an order that GRANTED the expungement petition.