Mifflin County Possession of Child Pornography Case

Dismissal of All Charges – Buyer Beware When Purchasing a Used Computer

The Mifflin County client purchased a used computer, and, a short time later, the original owner of the computer was arrested and charged with Sexual Abuse of Children in Mifflin County. The charge stemmed from the discovery of child pornography on the owner’s computers. The Mifflin County police were informed of the client’s recent purchase of the computer, and the police were informed that the client’s computer may also contain child pornography. The Mifflin County police requested and obtained a search warrant for all computers owned by the client. A search of the client’s computers led to the discovery of photographs that the police claimed were of minors in sexually explicit positions. The client was charged with Sexual Abuse of Children.

Experienced criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle represented the client during the pre-trial phase of the case and filed a pre-trial motion with the Mifflin County Court of CommonPleas. The Centre County criminal defense lawyer sought a dismissal of the charges based upon insufficient evidence and also sought suppression of evidence as the warrant was not supported by probable cause. The Mifflin County judge agreed with the criminal defense lawyer’s argument and granted the suppression of evidence and the dismissal of all charges. The State College criminal defense lawyer filed an expungement petition with the Mifflin County court to have the dismissed charges expunged from the client’s record.