State College Traffic Violations Lawyer

A traffic violation or speeding ticket may seem like a minor infraction, but a conviction could result in serious penalties including loss of your license, fines, increased insurance premiums and even jail time. When pulled over for speeding or charged with a traffic-related crime, you want an experienced lawyer who can assess the facts of your case, review all charges and aggressively build your defense.

Experienced Traffic Criminal Defense Attorney

At JD Law in State College, Pennsylvania, we are experienced in defeating charges and reducing penalties in traffic cases. We understand the evidentiary requirements to prove a case and will leverage this knowledge and experience to your advantage. Our priority is to reduce penalties and charges so that you can move forward with minimal impact to your record and your rights.

Our State College traffic violations lawyer is experienced with cases involving:

Preserve Your Record and Your License

In Pennsylvania, if you reach six points on your license, you can request an administrative hearing. If you get too many points, your license will be automatically suspended. Our experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate with an officer rather than go through the administrative process. At every stage, you can trust that we will explore your options, protect your rights and work to resolve your case with the best possible outcome. Do not plead guilty to a traffic violation without having a clear understanding of how a verdict will impact your rights.

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